Astrophysics: Stellar physics, galactic physics, cosmology. Objects of astrophysics : stars, galaxies, Universe. Observations : coordinates, distance measurements, photometry, spectroscopy. Stars : diameter, distances, masses, luminosity, temperature, spectrum, H-R diagram. Internal structure : fundamental equations, nuclear energy, neutron star, nucleosynthesis, star evolution. Interstellar medium. Milky Way. Galaxies : typology, distance. Large scale structure of the Universe. Cosmology.

Celestial Mechanics: 

Keplerian orbits, coordinate systems, osculating parameters, orbits of plantes, spherical trigonometry, time-space referential and GPS.

Different kind of orbits, modification of osculating orbit parameters, cost in delta V, use of J2, optimal spatial trajectories, eclipses & visibilities, projection of ground trace ...