Zoom classes information

To join in a Zoom class, please follow the stages:

- Stage 1: Create a Zoom account using your USTH email;

- Stage 2: Open the calendar, find Zoom information in description box of each event

- Stage 3: Look up the account and the corresponding ID and passcode in the table below:

Zoom on TimetableMeeting IDPasscodeLink
 My Meeting 501.1 910 9812 9790B1@2021https://zoom.us/j/91098129790?pwd=MmM5RFBGU3JqRDh4TEtMMkZJM1d2QT09
 My Meeting 501.2 925 9242 9310 B1@2021https://zoom.us/j/92592429310?pwd=NlFndk9yV3lpaEhLUkxGWjZtemFSUT09
 My Meeting 1.2 885 7191 4490 B1@2021 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88571914490?pwd=N3AzcDY3elI2SzhldTZYSDNBeTkrUT09
 My Meeting 1.1 842 4305 4226 B1@2021 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84243054226?pwd=SUtTK2pIZlFncFlpaVRJYjRWOUNsQT09
 My meeting 2.1 869 1899 3450 B1@2021 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86918993450?pwd=L3lsL3lrSkt5MENKODNDTkZUSVdYdz09
 My meeting 2.2 849 2883 4666 B1@2021 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84928834666?pwd=czNkNnVVU1l5MDdtUTEvbUZoMzZxUT09

- Stage 4: Sign in Zoom using the account in stage 1 and then Join the Zoom class with the ID and passcode found in stage 3, 

Note: Most of the regular Zoom classes will be enable for only authenticated users with the domain @usth.edu.vn Therefore, all students must create an account and join in via USTH email

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