At the end of the first year of the master, the students have to attend a 2-month full time internship(July & August) . M1 Internship at USTH is considered as part of the academic program, equivalent to 7 ECTS.

This internship will give to the students the opportunity to have a first look at the kind of work they will have to perform during their career, to identify the skills they have to acquire and to apply the knowledge learned during the course to the work environment. In that respect, the internship is mainly devoted to the analysis of a question related to science or engineering. 

Internship agreement - Space - USTH - M1.docInternship agreement - Space - USTH - M1.docInternship instructions M1-final.pdfInternship instructions M1-final.pdfInternship Labs M1.xlsxInternship Labs M1.xlsx