Ecology - Aquatic microbiology




Aquatic ecology, species, population, community, ecosystems, landscape, biosphere

Micro-organisms communities, populations dynamics, Biofilm, aggregate


The objective of this module is to present a general introduction of the ecology and microbiology of aquatic ecosystems in tropical and temperate regions. Different scales of study in ecology will be explored as will be the different questions associated to these scales.

After an introduction on the micro-organisms present in aquatic systems, the role of microbes in elemental cycles and ecosystem function will be discussed. Notions on biofilms and aggregates will be developed as will aquatic microbial pathogens in disease.




Dr. Duong Thi Thuy, Institute of Environmental Technology, Dept. of Environmental Hydrobiology. duongthuy0712@yahoo.com , Tel: +84 4 38361623/ +84 976567900

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hien, USTH, nguyen-thanh.hien@usth.edu.vn


Ecology (lectures: 15 h; tutorial + practical: 10 h):

From Species, to biosphere (glossary, definitions, questions, sub sciences, …)

Species, Niche partitioning, Biotic and abiotic influences

Population dynamic introduction

Community functioning introduction (structure, complexity and interactions)

Ecosystems : 10 keys to understand

Landscape, biome and biosphere MG

Nowdays questions related to these scales : the Food, Energy and Water nexus, global changes (climate and pollution), biodiversity conservation

Microbiology (lectures: 15 h; tutorial + practical: 10 h):

Introduction to aquatic microbial ecology and microbial nutrient cycles

Interactions between microorganisms

Aquatic microbiology: drinking water, wastewaters

Ecology of diseases related to water in tropical area

Environmental change and the emergence of pathogens in tropical countries

Field trip


Dr. Duong Thi Thuy, CR, Dept. Environ. Hydrobiology, IET, Hanoi.

Dr. Ho Tu Cuong, CR IET, Hanoi

Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hien, USTH, nguyen-thanh.hien@usth.edu.vn


examination (3 h) + practical + personal work